Dissolve Self-Sabotage Through Awareness, Curiosity & Compassion

The Starter Kid of Self-Awareness you Need to Dissolve Self-Sabotage and Rise Faster


I have been doing work around self-sabotage for the last decade and as I have deepened into my own spiritual work and embodiment training, I am understanding it on a whole new level. It has expanded my understanding on every level, and is an important pillar in the work I do with women everyday to up-level their leadership, their impact and how they are participating with their dreams everyday. 


Day 1: How are your saboteurs showing up in your life? (Learn how and why)

We will connect to the desires most important for you in your life, and learn more about how your saboteurs may be stepping in unexpectedly.

We will explore:

Why does sabotage exist?
How to know when you are doing it?

What is at the root of why your nervous system stands in the way of what is most sacred to you?


Day 2: Uncover your sabotage pit-falls& their origin point

Spot your own pit-falls and unconscious patterns
Identify when, where, and how they originated
Explore 'Tiny Death' moments and how they affect your present and how you create
Why you can’t outsmart your nervous system & how our traumas affect how much we can call in and receive


Day 3: Uncover Your Unique Protector Personality

Learn more about the protector personalities and identify your Top 3 so you know when they are in the room for you, and what they are actually trying to accomplish
Discover their unique medicine and what steps you get to take to work with them instead of against them