I mentor creative women in unleashing their most authentic selves, rewiring self-sabotaging body patterns that are keeping them stuck, and building purposeful, exhilarating, and soul-inspiring lives. 


And this requires teaching them The Good Girl Rules so they can learn how to break them to speed up the timeline on their dreams. 


I am a combination of a life coach (with over 14 years of experience), a certified embodiment teacher with Ishtara Body, and a trained sacred guide for women. 


I combine coaching, nervous system healing through meditative movement, and sacred ritual to help to break The Good Girl Rules and embrace The Rebel Codes on every level. 


 And I serve the women who dream BIG best. The ones who always want more and to see how good this can get. 


The ones who want to take this life for a wild and beautiful spin, and who want to create real change in the collective while they are here. 


Who deeply value their time presence and experiences in their life over looking good or going with the status quo. 


My women like to walk the edge, and innovate, and they know working with me, I will never stop asking them "How good are you willing to let this get?"


When women come to me, it is because they feel the call in themselves to rise to a different level of potential, but they are hitting their own glass ceiling. 

M Y  M I S S I O N

I am here to help women unleash their truest expression and highest potential...

On every level; mind, body, spirit. 

From the inside out. 

  • Understanding and realigning how you think. 
  • Rewiring the protective patterns in your body
  • Healing your core wounding and allowing your truest expression to emerge

This allows us to create and manifest our desires much more easily in our lives. 

Because our body often will not allow our truest self to be seen until she feels we are safe enough to do so. 

Our lives are not in boxes. They are much more like a web and we are the dreamer and spider spinning it up from the center. 

And how deeply we trust and know ourselves deeply affects:

  • How much money we allow ourselves to make and how much financial freedom we have
  • How generous and loving we are with others
  • Our alignment with deeper purpose and fulfillment
  • How much we are connected to our body, life force, sexuality and creativity
  • How deep our relationships and intimacy with others go
  • How spiritually connected we are to life and the world around us

This can be the difference between living a sacred, reverent, embodied life or a life or a casual, longing, and frustration and feeling like we haven't quite lived up to our potential. 

Between experiencing yourself fully while you are here or floating through life making choices based on who others wanted you to be. 

An important note about privilege, loves.

My pronouns are she/her. I am a white, cisgender, able-bodied woman, in a hetero-normative relationship. I live on the unceded territory of the Mohican people in upstate New York. 

Yes, I have been able to create really amazing things in my life, and I have helped hundreds of others to do the same. 

And the truth also remains that the unearned privilege I was born with plays a large role in the opportunities I have had at every level, and in the growth paths that have been accessible to me. No one can manifest their way out of systemic oppression and racism. 

You will see me talking a lot about Good Girl Rules and Archetypes in my work, that stem from millennia of oppression of the feminine, and that are deeply entrenched in the toxic roots of patriarchy.  

It is so important to name that there are so many intersections with other forms of oppression as well. And patriarchy dis-proportionally negatively affects women of the Global majority and those in the LGBTQIA2S+ community. 

My intention is for conversation to create a safe space include all women, and all gender identities and expression, and to honor this disparity. 

Are you ready to explore your Good Girl conditioning and nervous system patterns?


If so, this is what become more available to you...

  • More purpose
  • More aliveness
  • More creativity
  • More wildness and self-expression
  • More love and intimacy with others
  • More body love
  • More abundance (wealth included) and ability to receive from others
  • More impact on the world around you


I so have you.

Because this is a journey I have been walking others through for a long time now. And one I have walked myself for the better part of 20 years now. 

And I can take a woman from healing herself, to becoming a healing force for others, for becoming a healing force for the world. 

Our struggles are ALWAYS the opening. They are always the path back to our hearts.

And our lives are great at showing us what is not working and what is out of alignment. 

Because our biggest pain points are always a path to awakening on a deeper level. And our self-protective patterns create lives that are misaligned and filled with painful patterns. But we cannot self-protect and connect at the same time.

“Our struggles and broken expectations are always the pathway back to our heart and deeper growth.”

We cannot rise while trying to hide.

I know the journey because I have lived the journey. And I have seen what has become possible in my own life, and the lives of hundreds of humans at this point. 


With the support of incredible mentors, teachers and healers, I have taken myself from a struggling performer addicted to achievement, deep in the grasps of self-sabotage with body dysmorphia and disembodied eating patterns, who struggled in relationships with other women to where I am now. 


Having found deep purpose, building a thriving and abundant practice, building my dream life brick,  unleashing my expression and spiritual practice, mothering and working on my terms, developing deep and intimate community with other women and by brick and serving hundreds of women in doing the same. 


And it began with falling in love with my self-sabotage, and falling in love with how our bodies hold our pain, and trauma until we are ready to work with them. And this shows up in the form of protective patterns that will run the show until we heal. 

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change”  ~Eckhart Tolle

Through my own studies with healing modalities, embodiment work, and training as a guide for sacred ceremony. Through my own growth over the last 14 years, I found  a path to teach women how to return home to their most authentic selves through their bodies, and to create entirely new results in every area of their lives. 


And through this returning, rising in their soul work, purpose, and leadership in their families and communities. 


I join meditative moment classes as a certified Ishtarabody teacher, coaching work as a certified coach, and sacred ceremony as a certified temple guide to meet women on every level of their healing and growth journey. 


Because as we grow, the next vision starts to come through. For what we want to create, show up, lead, support, change things.


We will confront new layers of our Good Girl conditioning (in our minds AND bodies) at every new level of our growth. 


This will require us to continue to grow deeper roots so we can rise higher in what we are creating. 


Breaking the
Good Girl Rules
requires a
to root
more deeply
your body
and authenticity
to rise faster
in your vision.



The power is in the present.

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