Become your own healer in the 12-week embodiment course called Ishtara Body Alchemy.



Love your body. Own your power. Discover your true self. Set yourself free. 


What is Ishtara Body? 


Ishtara Body is a transformative meditative movement technique created by my teacher, mentor and colleague, Tracy Harward, that I have been practicing for over four years, and have also certified in, and now teach. 


This specific type of embodiment work has been one of the most transformative pieces of the puzzle for how I have healed, manifested and even experienced internal awakening. And this work has accelerated the progress of the women i serve so much that I require it to be a part of our coaching experience. 



We return (to an emotion, a memory, a pattern, a part of us) in the body and safely express it through music and movement.


We restore a sense of love and safety (to an emotion, a memory, a pattern, a part of us) and create new patterns body up.


As you practice our method, you create new patterns and feel more love, power, and freedom in your life.

Return to your body & Rise in Your Life


Your body is the secret to creating real and lasting results in your life. We teach our body-based method for creating new patterns in the way you feel, act, and relate.


What is included in the Body Alchemy Journey? 




Your Body Alchemy & Body Trinity Curriculum includes: 

  • Level 1 & Level 2 of the Ishtara Body Curriclum
  • 12 weeks of virtual classes taught live (with one week off in between)
  • Limited to six humans identifying as women
  • Personalized to you and your body
  • Over 100-pages of guidebooks with at-home practices
  • Movement practice in class
  • Curated music for your body
  • Individual movement coaching
  • Trauma-informed education and resources
  • Body Story Reading
  • Love, support, and safety
  • A group Creatrix Event with women deeply practiced in the Ishtara work on the last class

What you can expect to experience from Body Alchemy...


To have an experience of loving your body....REALLY


To move through emotions that you may have trouble feeling for years

A path to move through and transform any emotion that may arise

Deeper connection and feeling of safety within your own body

Shifts in your patterns around worth, power, money and love

Feeling more connected to your heart, your power, your soul and who you are really are

More space and awareness around triggers as they arise

More freedom and agency in how you respond to your survival energies

Heightened intuition and sensitivity to energy

Deeper feelings of creativity, self-expression and connection to spirituality

Access to a revolutionary method in how you creating your desires from the body that can work for you over and over again

My journey with Ishtara & Body Alchemy...


When I found this type of healing modality, I had been a coach for a decade and already led hundreds of women through body, life and spiritual transformations.

But when I discovered the path of the body and movement as a way to go deeper and create even more powerfully, my world was blown open.


Coaching had been so transformative for me, and so had therapy, but finding this work was like finding the most important piece of the puzzle that had been missing. 


I found this work of Ishtara Body (that starts with Body Alchemy) in 2020, when I was in the throws of some of the most difficult moments of my life. I was drowning in motherhood and isolation, and burn out and my own undiagnosed ADHD. This time was pushing all the emotional edges as I was also supporting many women through the collective turmoil of pandemic. 

I'm so grateful a friend recommended Ishtarabody and my teacher, Tracy. 

The first six-weeks was unlike any other growth experience I had been through. 

More intimacy with myself, my body, my truth. 

As I went through Body Alchemy myself, and then Body Trinity, I started working with patterns and emotions and body memories, not cerebrally, but through the body herself. 

And I understood and worked with the protective personalities in my body in a completely different way. And as I met them with deep listening and allowing their self-expression, they handed me the keys back to my freedom in how I created. 


My body led the way.


She showed me the survival energies and coping strategies first. She showed me how she protects me and how to help her. And eventually, she revealed more and more of my power and essence to me. 


And I felt the lights fully turn on.


Pleasure, life force, creativity, and a path to always return home to myself when my edges are pushed in new ways. 

I started to have the awakening spiritually that I always craved, and look outside of myself to find. 

The answers had been here all along, not in my mind, but in the wisdom of my body. 

I knew I had to certify in the work and bring it into my programming to join it with coaching and in my higher-level programs, sacred ceremony and ritual. 

It is no accident that in the time I have been using this path consistently, my external results in my business and personal life have sky-rocketed. 

I have never felt so at home with myself and at peace with who I am. 


Here is what I have learned serving hundreds of women over the 14 years, but especially over the last three years...

We need to go deep into our healing in order to go higher with what we are creating. 

And we cannot fully heal if we do not work directly with the body themselves. 

We have to drop into the body itself. But that is different from how most of us are accustomed to living. We unconsciously create from the neck up (maybe, if you are lucky, the heart up). Even professional dancers can live largely separated from their bodies.

Everything accelerates when we drop into the body and give her a space to reveal her story.

Our body knows everything we have been through (even things we don’t cognitively understand or remember).

They know our every experience, desire and curiosity.

They know our fears and anxieties, and preferences.

They know every emotion that we try to buffer or avoid.

They know the nervous system protection patterns that keep us stuck.

They hold the keys to the rooms we have been avoiding (that actually hold incredible freedom).

And until we are willing to join forces with them, our body will just try to protect us the best they can. The body is highly efficient in protecting us, even at their long-term expense.

When we join forces and intentionally work with the body to manifest what we want most, she will give us insight and intel. She will serve as a lighthouse to follow. She will show us what needs healing. She will help us vision further.

She will give us access to a more vibrant life force and unbridled creative flow.

The BODY is the fastest way to your dream life and purpose.

You can’t outsmart her. You can’t hack her. She won’t be fooled or manipulated with thought work.

You need to get intimate with your body and your emotional life and start listening.

I wish I had had this information and process 10 years earlier but I’m grateful to found Ishtara body. 

This is why whenever I coach with someone, whenever they are in a group program with me, I require them to also do this work to get the most out of our time together (whether they study with me or another recommended teacher).

Here's what other women are saying

After Body Alchemy, It felt like curtains were pulled to a world I had no idea existed and I got plugged into an energy current that was previously unavailable. I showed up to heal and work on my relationship with sexuality and money, but those issues dissolved in front of my eyes, the closer to turned towards myself through this work.It's very hard to put into words the deep, transformative power of Ishtara. I wish this was mandatory for every woman to experience, for herself, to be held and seen by other women. I feel potential and opportunity for the enjoyment of my life that I hadn't felt before. It's nothing short of magical and I wish every woman could experience this feeling.

Beth is so intuitive and knows exactly when to gently hold, or lovingly push you in order to take further steps toward your growth. I can confidently say I am a better, happier, more fulfilled woman from working with Beth. My limiting beliefs have been shattered, my connection to my feminine is pack, money is pouring in and I've never felt more lit up. It's been a 100% game change. If you're on the fence, just do it, you wont regret it.

~Maria, Podcaster &Author

This is an outstanding and unique, and amazing experience.



Healing and Daring


So deeply connective. And Beth is beyond a master of holding space, safety, compassion and love.


~Niha, Executive Coach

I wish that other women know they have all the answers inside of them, and that deep healing and possible in unconventional spaces, and there is a space for them where all of who they are is safe to show up, express, and to be loved.

It is in this kind of space, they will wake up to new dimensions of themselves, their innate worthiness, their power, their brilliance, that lives underneath the things that have gotten heavy to carry and hide.

Working with Beth is a gift and an honor. She's a master of holding spaces, of loving the dark and the light. ~Maria, Embodiment Teacher

Next round will be Summer 2024

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