Are you ready to break some rules and reclaim your Rise?


You have probably noticed that the people-pleasing, over-functioning, freezing, fawning, handing away your power, protecting other's emotions, playing the game and trying to push through is not working anymore. That these patterns are disconnecting you from your juice, your power, your life-force, your truth, and your inner-navigation system. You can feel your magic dying. It does not have to be this way. And ooooh, I can help. 

Is this you?  


If you are here, you have likely been called sensitive, overly-emotional or "too much" a lot of your life. Your heart is easily broken, you have a fire in her belly, and you crave deeper levels of purpose, wildness, pleasure, adventure, freedom and to know and to meet herself with depth.

Exploring and meeting your potential is deeply important to you. 

You get that you are on this planet for a reason. You want more (even if a part of you is ashamed about that)

You may already be creating magic in your life; perhaps theater, music, art, your body of work as a healer, a coach, therapist, creative consultant or activist or shaking shit up in your organization. 

But you know so much more is possible, and you have a hunch, it starts with breaking The Good Girl Rules. 

 Are you noticing these patterns? 


  • You may find yourself super attached to achievement and the next "win"¬†
  • You notice you really want to BE somebody
  • You keep waiting for the "break"
  • Feeling behind in life and like you are not living up to your potential
  • You feel disconnected from your body, power and pleasure. You feel numb more than you would like.¬†
  • You are feeling a lot of creative pressure instead of flow and inspiration.¬†
  • You feel like it is hard to trust yourself, life and even other women.¬†
  • You struggle with feeling confident in the moments you aren't "rocking it"
  • You can tell there are parts of yourself that you are hiding
  • You struggle to create forward momentum consistently with your dreams (lots of stops and starts)
  • You feel unfulfilled unless you are given opportunities that others are handing to you
  • Experiencing consistent resentment around others "success", self-doubt, wishy-washy and defeated
  • Feeling embarrassed and like you need to get over yourself and "grow up"¬†
  • Telling yourself you need to cut it out, be more disciplined and hustle, and stop being so dramatic
  • Feeling like you are always waiting to "get serious" and be ready to take new action
  • Always looking outside of yourself for the right strategy, advice, and council from others



You are ready to learn and break the Good Girl Rules that are holding you back with your Time, Energy and Money. 


You are ready to learn how to become a magnet for your desires, for new opportunities, and to become the person who can create a life that feels expansive, deep, purpose-driven, free and sacred. 


Step One: Good Girl Rules Assessment


I will teach you the history of the Good Girl Rules and how they are holding you back. We will do an assessment together an  identity the major Good Girl Rules and Good Girl Protectors that are showing up with your Time, Energy and Money that are slowing you down in the areas of your life that matter the most to you. 

I will also teach you my process called Practical Magic for creating powerful new results in your life over and over again. 

Together, we will vision together your future life, and gain clarity on where the growth needs to take place in order to allow this vision to come to fruition. You will leave SUPER clear on this process, that you can use for the rest of your life, at whatever growth edge you are on, whatever new desires emerge. 

I will teach you the unconscious Good Girl Rules you are following are  so you can start to break them. 


I will show you the access points to heal these patterns on a mind, body and soul level.  

Let's get started!

Step Two: Embracing The Rebel Rules. 


I will teach you the Rebel philosophies and thoughts you will need to master in order to create new outcomes in your life; powerfully and intentionally. I will teach you what you need to believe about yourself, your healing, and life in order to take bigger, bolder actions consistently. This philosophy will help you see your life and potential through a new lens and be able to see life as a constant classroom that is teaching you how to create your desires.

The philosophy will give you a set of tenets for coaching yourself in any situation that arises in your life.

Are you ready to rise? 

Step Three: Reclamation & Rise


Now, onto the most important part. I will teach you WHO you need to become in order to create your desires. I will teach you how to revolutionize your relationship with yourself, your mind, your nervous system, and your inner being so that you are creating out of your most authentic and empowered self. I will teach you to embody the self that has already created your desires. Together, we move through the following stages, opening as we go. I will teach you...

Your Mind


  • How to sell yourself on your dream, potential & why you are the perfect person to step up to the plate
  • How to transform your self-concepts in ways that leads to new action and creativity
  • How to create new results in your life starting with your thoughts
  • How to make decisions sourced out of confidence and self-worth
  • Unpack your family, social and religious conditioning
  • Dismantle your inner-patriarchy and misogyny

Your Truth


  • Why you owning and speaking your truth is part of your purpose and healing

  • How to own what is true for you without shaming yourself or blaming others

  • How to create self-trust, integrity and a track record of your own successes

  • How to uncover deeper levels of self-expression that have been waiting to emerge

  • How to drop the masks and allow more of your authentic self to be seen personally and professionally

Your Heart & Ability to Receive


  • How to bring radical self-love, compassion, evaluation and curiosity to any situation
  • How to see yourself through the lens of unconditional love and unwavering faith in yourself, even when you just failed or ‚Äúmessed up‚ÄĚ or aren't seeing the results you want yet
  • To meet the parts of yourself that are disowned and rejected so you have access to their magic and gifts
  • How to open to receiving more love, attunement, nourishment abundance, when you are accustomed to giving to others, and ignoring your needs


Getting to Know & Love Your Good Girl Protectors 


  • ¬†How to recognize when your nervous system saboteurs are in the room and to personally get to know them, so you can work with them, instead of against them
  • ¬†How to love the parts of yourself you reject the most so you can play out of more rooms in yourself and rise faster
  • ¬†How to mine for the gifts in the parts of yourself you can‚Äôt stand and repress
  • ¬†How to give your saboteurs healthy expression instead of unhealthy expression

 Your Body's Magic


  • ¬†How to connect with the parts of your body that you have shut down and judged

  • ¬†How to heal shame around your body so it no longer stops you

  • ¬†How to develop a deeper reservoir of emotional capacity and resiliency

  • ¬†How to connect to your sexuality and sensuality in a way that sparks creativity and self-expression

  • ¬†How to listen to your body‚Äôs intelligence (her impulses, knowing, wisdom and intuition

  • How to rewire your mental, emotional and relational patterns through Meditative Movement with a process called Body Alchemy.¬†

Your Soul


  • To connect to your inner being and inner voice and mine their wisdom as the driving force in your life
  • ¬†Give your soul and subconscious air time in how you give your life
  • ¬†Allow yourself to be witnessed in your full humanity--not just the shiny parts
  • ¬†To surrender to living more courageously and fiercely with less suffering
  • Creating sacred space and your own presence rituals in your schedule and home
  • Working with the astrology, seasons and natural world as a way to deepen into yoru own magic

Ready to learn more? The power is in the present. 


Fill out a questionnaire to consult with Beth on what what you desire most, what Good Girl Rules are slowing you down and how her work and support could support you in accelerating major momentum. 

I'm ready

Here is what others have experienced working together...


The Internal Results 


  • They embraced creative messiness and new creative projects they had been stalling on for years
  • They felt more of their authentic self coming through¬†
  • They felt way more THEM, like more of them was allowed in their journey
  • They were less triggered by others and the world around them
  • They took more aligned action instead of avoidant action
  • They cultivate embodied presence: numbed and disembodied less
  • They were more consistent on their path toward what they wanted
  • They felt spiritually connected to something bigger than themselves
  • They allowed themselves to feel bigger emotions‚Äďon both spectrums
  • They felt their magic coming through in ways that felt sacred
  • Deep intimacy with their body and themselves
  • They felt more connected to their truth and desires
  • Their external obstacles started to dissolve
  • They took bigger risks
  • They felt safer in their body and life to express themselves and their truth
  • They experienced a world they had no idea existed
  • They felt plugged into an energy current
  • They turned to themselves as the answer instead of the external
  • Higher levels of joy and presence
  • Healed their patterns around money, love, worth and their power
  • They experienced deep worthiness and needed external affirmation way less
  • They felt unleashed in their self-expression and how they showed up in the world
  • They felt daring and bold and like they were walking new edges in what they were up to in the world
  • They felt like their body was remembering something important and sacred and true
  • Feel authentic confidence, even when they have failures
  • Let go of people pleasing
  • They learned to meet their need directly
  • Much less attachment to one specific area of their lives
  • Deeper levels of presence, intimacy and joy
  • A much more expansive vision of what they are up to and what is available to them


The External Results


  • Started soul-aligned businesses and healing practices
  • Found deeply aligned positioning in their business branding and offers
  • Doubled and tripled income¬†
  • Scored Broadway gigs, huge podcast interviews and six-figure contracts
  • Scored leading roles with Disney films
  • Booked more auditions and gigs
  • Adopted the identity of "songwriter" and created EP‚Äôs in their authentic expression¬†
  • Carved out completely new career paths that surprised even them
  • Hit a million dollars in the first year of their new business
  • Left corporate and started consulting in a way that felt more aligned
  • Became a COO of a company deeply aligned with their mission on reducing carbon emissions
  • Clear on how they want to create change in the world and on the path
  • Created their own communities and created belonging in a way where they felt deeply met and seen
  • Their family members and friends also started seeking healing and therapy
  • Deeper and more honest relationships
  • Came out of the spiritual closet to those around them
  • Started expressing themselves more authentically through their creative projects, which led to projects that felt way more fulfilling
  • Experienced deeper levels of purpose on their paths
  • Found the unique medicine that brought them alive, and started sharing it with the world
  • Published books and got book deals
  • ¬†Better marriages,¬† partnerships, and sex lives
  • Communication improves with everyone in their lives


Hear what a few women are saying

Maria, Manifesting Coach

Since working with Beth, I have felt massive breakthroughs and shifts that have made me feel less stressed and more empowered to fully trust and believe in myself in ways I hadn't been doing. Having Beth by my side during one of the most challenging times of my life made the experience more bearable and not as scary. I felt as if I had the most incredible support and guidance that allowed me to heal, take care of myself, and return to who I really am. And since working with Beth, I now feel so safe to feel it all!


Patti, Theater Producer, CEO & Embodiment Teacher

Beth’s intuition with her clients is impeccable. She holds you when you need softness. She guides you when you need direction. She calls you out when you can do better for yourself with graceful accountability. She asks the questions that need to be asked for your higher good. She holds your hand and guides you through the dark times in life with compassion and vision for the strength inside of you. Beth changed my life. She showed me the way back to my life force energy, and then asked me how good can you let it get?


Melissa, Theater Artist & Healer

Beth is truly a divine soul.  She cuts to the core of the matter, with compassion and empathy while, at the same time, holding you accountable for your role in it. She effortlessly guides you on how to see things differently and approach yourself with deep love and self-care. And then works with you to create actionable steps to manifest a life of joy and passion that you most long for.

Even as my saboteurs come to the party and want a seat at the table. Even when my linear brain is screaming out for control and clarity. She has taught me to trust my body and my heart.