Anna, Performer & Musician


When I found Beth, I gained so much awareness around my inner emotional life, my saboteur, and how she operates, as well as a greater capacity, to turn inspiring thoughts about what I dream possible for my life into action.  


Beth cracked open in me a whole new realm of self-compassion; working with her helps me to show up in the world more intentionally, more loving, more in service of the highest good.  The impact she has had on my life is profound.  I can’t imagine my life without coaching.  


Beth has an abundance of knowledge and resources, coaching tools, and cares fiercely for her clients.  She has this beautiful way of holding me accountable and facilitating the expansion of my awareness, while never shaming the journey I’m on (something I can have the tendency to do to myself).  I have so much trust in her and in turn, an ever-growing trust in myself—she gave me the permission I was not giving myself to dream bigger and rise higher, and to love every part of myself, even when facing my shadows.  Since working with her I have a clearer vision of my divine purpose, a strengthened Spiritual connection and faith in the love of the Universe, and have experienced so many desires come to fruition and dreams manifest in eerily spot-on ways.  There are not enough words to encapsulate the magic of this woman.  She is a badass.  She is a fiercely loving and wise human.  I know it was not an accident that our paths crossed when they did and I am so grateful I took the plunge into coaching, and especially with Beth Clayton.

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