Lizzie, Performer, Artist & Embodiment Teacher


Before Beth, I struggled to trust myself. My intuition had been dormant. I hadn’t trusted or listened to her for years. I hadn’t given her space to be heard and I hadn’t tried to follow her lead. I had a decision paralysis, I was addicted to other people’s opinions, and I tormented myself before, during, and after every decision. The big ones and the tiny ones. My relationship with my career was ruled by fear. I was constantly making decisions out of “should” or “what will happen if I DON’T do this.” My relationship with my career was small, safe, and powerless. I was playing by the rules that kept me small and safe.

I have noticed I now breathe deeper.
I have noticed I now make decisions with ease.
I have noticed I now can hear my intuition. I can feel my intuition guiding me through which turns to take when to turn right, turn left, press the brakes, or press the gas. I now have a relationship with my intuition. We are good friends. I listen to her and I trust her, even if I don’t logically understand when she’s steering me toward or away from something.

Before Beth, I viewed almost everything as an obstacle. Now, I’m able to view almost everything as an opportunity. When I do fall back into perceiving a daily challenge as an obstacle, I am able to stop my mind chatter in its tracks and shift the narrative back to opportunity. I have noticed I now can’t unsee the difference between when I am acting from love and trust and when I am acting from lack and fear. I feel equipped to embrace the rollercoaster that is the human experience. Because of Beth, I feel closer to accepting and embracing the fact that life doesn’t get easier or less messy for anyone. Because of Beth, I have the tools and the language to feel my way through all of it.

Since working with Beth, I now feel like I am inside of my own life and inside the world, instead of resisting my world and watching my life from the sidelines. I now feel awake. Like someone cleared off the layers of fog that I didn’t even realize were sitting on my glasses.

I’ve healed my severed relationship with my intuition. I have healed my need to please everyone.
I’ve discovered that it feels really good to take risks and to take aligned, bold, scary actions. I’ve discovered that the possibility lies on the other side of trying something new, making unreasonable requests, and allowing life to meet me in the middle. I received my yoga certification, I’ve completely shifted how I approach my career and my art. I’ve shifted my perspective and response to practically everything. I started getting more callbacks and booking more work. My results are boundless and not something I could possibly quantify. Working with Beth has been the single most valuable investment I’ve ever made.

Beth will always somehow ask the right questions that cut to the core, that force you to know on a visceral level what has previously seemed muddy. She will unlock whatever feels stuck. She will open your eyes to the beliefs you didn’t even realize were holding you back. She is unique because she somehow creates a whole universe in a one-hour phone session. She makes you feel immediately safe and understood, but never coddled. My favorite Beth moments are when I feel like I get slapped in the face, and it feels so good.

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